Proud to be London's market leader in career coaching, we have been transforming careers since 2009. In an unregulated market, with a lack of professional standards, we take the guesswork and risk out of investing in your future. Our team of world-class career coaches work with a diverse range of ambitious professionals at all career stages. Specialists in supporting clients make successful career changes, we are consistently the highest rated on Google.


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Market-leading coaching company lit

Delivering cutting edge tailored coaching programmes to help professionals develop their careers and leadership skills, increase confidence and successfully navigate change.

  • 60%

    Improved strategic goal-setting skills

  • 70%

    Increased excitement about future career possibilities

  • 96%

    Success rate in achieving tangible results

Human-powered backed by science

Delivering cutting edge tailored coaching programmes to help professionals develop their careers and leadership skills, increase confidence and successfully navigate change.*

*data collated from 2021 client feedback

  • 70%

    More excited about future career possibilities

  • 66%

    Improvement in confidence at work

  • 50%

    See more opportunities for growth


Stories of transformation


See how we have changed lives.

Case Studies

Increased executive presence

Ross completed his coaching programme with increases confidence, executive presence and leadership development.

Leadership growth and development

Faye came to SEVEN for leadership development in an effort to grow her leadership style.

Confidence and a newly discovered ambition

Understanding and harnessing his leadership skills were important to Andrew, to lead by example and have a successful team with enhanced productivity.


“My coach undoubtedly helped me to secure my next role by pushing me out of my comfort zone and helping me to clarify the career path I was looking for. This in turn gave me the confidence to search for and then secure the right role for me.”

Nick Director at HSBC


“SEVEN is exceptional at bringing out the authentic leader that lives within everyone. My coach was quick to spot the patterns in my thinking - the helpful thoughts as well as the limiting beliefs holding me back - and we worked on these in my programme to ensure how I handle these moving forward.”

Finlay Chief of Growth at Arrival


“I’ve gained new motivation, objectives, energy and most importantly, a new perspective for my career plan. The sessions with SEVEN have helped me to identify strengths, skills and passions that lie beneath the obvious to me. I now know where I want my career to be in 10 years’ time and am equipped with new-found self-confidence and a toolbox that will help me to get there.”

Christina Product Lead at Google


“I decided to start coaching to discover my professional passion and the process has been valuable and educational. She has given me the necessary tools to discover the answers in relation to my career and helped me to discover myself as a person, for which I will be eternally grateful.”

Alexandra Architect at HOK


“I had a wonderful experience working with SEVEN over the past few months. Over the course of our sessions, my coach gave me the confidence and tools to understand my personal values, passions and strengths, helping me to take my career in a direction that encompasses all of those elements.”

Niamh Senior CRM Executive at The Independent


“The programme was well structured and a great blend of self-analysis, innovative job searching techniques and insight to make it one of the most valuable times of self-reflection I have had.”

Dave Programme Manager at Sky


“I started working with SEVEN to help with some career related development needs but quickly opened my eyes to a number of other areas. From breathing techniques to areas of personal growth, the advice I got was first class. I feel like I have new foundational approaches to things that will help me for years to come.”

Alistair Head of CRM at William Hill


“I understand myself, my values, what I want from my next career move and how to authentically sell myself in interviews. The most rewarding and enriching experience, that I know, will only go on, to positively shape and craft future decisions and challenging times ahead.”

Claire Demand Planner at Unilever