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About Leadership Coaching

To get the very best from yourself and others, a great breadth and depth of skills are needed, which is exactly why great leaders are always in much demand. SEVEN is a leader in the career coaching field and take pride in the development and training of leaders in an array of industries. Modern political and business leaders have long since had a Coach on hand to help with their leadership training.

At SEVEN, we know that the calibre of a leader determines the quality of his team’s performance and output. Leading by example is as demanding as it is rewarding. What smooths the path, is the continual expansion and enhancement of your skill-set. Leadership training and development is an ongoing type of career coaching, however, the foundations can be initially laid within a few sessions for you to build on yourself. We understand that in such fast-moving times as these, never have there been so many demands on an individual in a leadership role.

Whether you’re currently a manager or aspiring to become one, developing these leadership skills will be of enormous benefit to you professionally and personally. We help you develop coaching skills to enhance your management leadership and tailor the leadership coaching programme to your needs specifically. Effective leadership encompasses a whole host of qualities and skills and these are exactly what we help to develop:


  • Expert Communication
  • Confidence
  • Decisiveness
  • Strategic-thinking
  • Creative Problem-Solving
  • Assertiveness
  • People Management
  • Powerful influential & persuasion
  • Pragmatism
  • Delegation
  • Charismatic Speaking Skills
  • Presentation
  • Coaching skills
We work with you to assess your existing skill set in line with your role, your career goals, your organisational structure, culture, industry and circumstances and work with you to help you develop the most relevant and effective skills to ensure you perform at your very best and get the very best from your team.


Stories of transformation


See how SEVEN Career Coaching has changed lives.


“Through a series of engaging and creative exercises we worked together to tackle the issues that were holding me back, clarify my career trajectory, focus my values and discover my leadership style.”

Azhur Managing Director TMU Workshop


“In my coaching sessions we identified my professional skills and personal qualities and expanded my leadership style while mapping a course towards my goals.”

Alex A&R Manager and Music Consultant


“The experience was excellent all round. I learned a lot about how to deal with various situations in a management capacity, how to best present myself and how to analyse myself. Higher levels of motivation. Better self-awareness. Increased circle of influence.”

Matt Senior Director eCommerce Europe, Warner Music Group

Case Studies

Increased executive presence

Ross completed his coaching programme with increases confidence, executive presence and leadership development.

Leadership growth and development

Faye came to SEVEN for leadership development in an effort to grow her leadership style.

Confidence and a newly discovered ambition

Understanding and harnessing his leadership skills were important to Andrew, to lead by example and have a successful team with enhanced productivity.