Hundreds of our clients have given us highly-detailed 5 star Google reviews, because their experience with us goes far beyond their expectations. Why? Because our highly-personalised approach is always holistic, that means we work with the whole person and take an integrated approach to help you overcome obstacles, achieve your goals and create long-lasting change. We help you transform limiting beliefs, negative self-image, outdated mindsets, relationships, difficult work situations and unhealthy behaviours, that you didn't even know were holding you back! Our team of expert coaches are hand-picked from the most rigorous coaching schools in the UK and internationally. Many of our senior coaches are leading experts in the areas of positive psychology and life coaching.


If you're ready, we have the right specialist life coach to help you!


our coaching framework

The SEVEN Approach

Our highly-personalised one-to-one approach focuses on supporting you achieve your personal goals and advance your personal development, in whatever way you need help and support with at the time. We believe in an entirely holistic approach at SEVEN, taking your whole self into account, whether that’s home, work, relationships, health, wealth, creative expression, lifestyle and environment, it’s all connected.


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    Be expertly guided to discover, define and articulate your individual formula for confidence + personal success

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    Explore what a fulfilling, fun and meaningful life can look like for you from here

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    Discover your individual components for personal success, including core values, life purpose, desired impact + personal potential


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    Powerfully transform your mindset + thought patterns in line with your personal mission, with the help of your expert Coach

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    Discover practical opportunities to test + apply your new ways of being, feeling, choosing + relating

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    Learn how it feels to exist at your most confident, most engaged + realise exciting new possibilities in your life + relationships


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    BE GUIDED step-by-step through your personal success plan through to achieving your internal + external goals

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    DEFINE the success points of your new lifestyle to ensure you continue to grow + evolve

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    Celebrate your new-found sense of liberation + confidence with a continual success plan to achieve your potential

What our clients say

Why our clients choose us

Tailored programmes to fit your individual needs / Meet Face-to-Face at our offices in Devonshire Square or Zoom if preferred / Convenient 1 hour sessions / Bookings Mon-Fri 8am – 9pm / All programmes include 3 Deep Dive sessions / Expertly matched to your Life Coach / 100% Confidentiality / At a pace that's right for you / Holistic approach as standard

Case Studies

Clarity, balance and direction!

Michelle needed to understand the direction of her career. She wanted to manage anxieties and get that work/life balance right.

A better professional, leader and mother in 6 sessions

As a new mom, finding that work-life balance was important for Anastasia. Using the tools and techniques learnt through coaching, she has flourished with a greater work-life balance.

Work-life balance restored in a new dream role

Ruth came to SEVEN to determine a new position, to improve her resilience and boost her confidence. She's now secured her desired role.

Achieve your goals and be at your best.