Could TM be Your Secret Weapon to Success?

Imagine your mobile phone could only get fully recharged twice or three times a year? Jerry Seinfeld, a 40 year meditator, recently likened his daily transcendental meditation practise to being like his charger. When you think about it, most people, only recharge fully when they go on holiday or have an extended break, a few times a year, if lucky. Transcendental meditation is simply a deep relaxation technique. It’s not a religion, no beliefs are necessary, it works regardless.

I’ve been meditating twice daily using breathing for 3 years and have experienced so many benefits to my business, my coaching and my creative work. I had long been attracted to transcendental meditation and people I admired, again and again, had this same one thing in common. So 2 weeks ago, I signed myself up and went along to receive my mantra and learn the technique. Immediately I felt the affects, as did the rest of the beginners in my class. Instantly, I was more relaxed, felt softer, calmer and just ‘at one’.

It’s like going from 3rd gear to 6th gear, in the most easy, lovely, gentle way, I am more focused, much more loving, accepting and easier on myself. Just every day experiences are transformed into fun, new experiences. The reaction of people to me has changed to one of consistently lovely, caring, generous, helpful and enjoying my company more. The myth around meditation is that it’s ‘spiritual’ or ‘religious’ or ‘mystical’ or you need to be in order to practise it. The difference with TM, is it’s a practical technique brought to the West by a quantum physicist, backed up again and again by science, as a tool to enhance your quality, focus and enjoyment of life and relationships. Compared to my previous meditation practise, it’s like going from third great to sixth gear.

The benefit of focusing inward twice a day and quieting the noise of the outside, reaps rewards that are impossible otherwise. I am excited to see what months and years of transcendental meditation will bring, but so far, it has been fun, easy, beautiful and I wouldn’t miss my twice a day practise for anything, the benefits are that worthwhile.

Below find Howard Stern and Jerry Seinfeld, Lena Dunham (meditating since she was 9 to help her OCD), Cameron Diaz, Oprah, Martin Scorsese, David Lynch, Russell Brand discussing the benefits of TM in their lives: