How To Ask For a Promotion During the Pandemic

Career progression can feel halted when in a pandemic. It creates a stagnant feeling as we go from a bustling office to working from home. If you want to move up the career ladder, all is not lost!

As things are slowly getting back to normal, METRO caught up with SEVEN Career Coach Hayley Summers to discuss how to approach a promotion proposal.


Clarify what you want

Before you bring up the possibility of a promotion with your boss, make sure you know exactly what you’re asking for.

‘It’s important to reflect and really consider what you want in terms of a promotion,’ Hayley Summers, SEVEN career coach, tells ‘Does the job you want already exist within the business or are you looking to expand into a new role? Be really clear on your vision before you start the conversation.’


Don’t let fear hold you back

What’s the worst that can happen?

Hayley says: ‘Whenever my clients are overwhelmed by their fears, I always ask them “what’s the alternative?”.

‘If it’s true that you may be turned down, isn’t it also true that you may get everything you want?

If you don’t ask the questions, the truest thing of all is that you stay stuck exactly where you are. You deserve more, you deserve growth, you deserve to drive forward and succeed.

‘Don’t ever be afraid to push for what you want and/or leap for what you deserve.’


Schedule a meeting

Okay, so you’re prepped and feeling secure in the knowledge that yes, you have earned the promotion you seek.

Don’t overthink it or launch into your spiel before you’ve even set a time. Hayley recommends keeping it simple – something like: ‘I’d like to start a conversation about progression and discuss what your thoughts are on me taking that next step in my career with the company.’


Ask for feedback

If the answer is a ‘no’, don’t take this as a permanent, unchangeable thing.

Don’t be afraid to ask for full feedback on why you’re not in the right place for a promotion, and ask what you need to be doing to work towards your goals.

‘Use the feedback to create a step-by-step plan with you line manager to ensure you’re giving yourself the best chance of success when the opportunity for a promotion comes back around,’ suggests Hayley.

‘Ask for a revision date. This is a date that you agree to with the company to revisit the topic, for example: in six months or at the start of the next quarter.

‘Realise that you are planting a seed and that these decisions are often made after a few conversations.’


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