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How we work: The SEVEN Approach

Our dynamic 3-part framework consistently helps our clients successfully navigate transition and change. Within this framework, your career coaching programme is always designed around your individual coaching needs, namely your career goals, the challenges you're facing internally and externally and can include any number of factors you bring to the coaching process.

Below is a standard description of how our coaching programmes can work, but varies client to client to fit your exact needs.




During this phase of coaching, the life coaching aspects covered include, but are not limited to, confidence development and beliefs for success. Here, you'll explore your own limiting beliefs, and replace them with new perspectives in line with your own vision. 

The results from the Clarify phase are an in-depth set of individual criteria for a stimulating, rewarding and fulfilling career based on your personal values and needs. All of our coaching programmes are tailored towards your specific needs and coaching outcomes. You'll be expertly matched for your coaching programme with with one of our coaches.


  • YOU WILL BE GUIDED to discover, define and articulate your individual formula to succeed

  • YOU WILL IDENTIFY what a fulfilling and meaningful career looks like for you

  • YOU WILL CLARIFY your 7 key career components including core values, natural-strengths, environment fit and career assessment




During the Qualify phase of coaching, you'll start to have a mindset shift. As you are exploring various directions, we will help you to create new ways of thinking and of behaving to set yourself up for the success you're creating. Results from this phase include a short-listed, qualified set of career directions aligning with your individual career goals, values and needs.


  • YOU WILL RECEIVE EXPERT GUIDANCE in using your criteria from stage 1 to brainstorm, research and target key directions

  • YOU WILL UPGRADE your job search strategy with our cutting edge tools, techniques and mindset

  • YOU'LL LEARN TO to maximise and strategically develop your network in ways that are right for your career





As you are meeting people, interviewing,  developing and expanding your network, we help you to create new ways of thinking and behaving to show what you are capable of doing.  You'll continue to develop new beliefs and perspectives in line with your new direction and activities. The results from this phase are entirely dependent on what you wanted to achieve from the coaching programme. This can change and develop as you grow through the programme. We can support you from creating the action plan and strategies all the way through to the completion of your goals.

See how SEVEN Career Coaching has transformed lives, by watching our client success stories here.


  • YOU'LL BE BE GUIDED step-by-step through your tailored action plan through to achieving your set outcomes

  • WE WILL WORK TO DEFINE your value proposition, personal brand and new career narrative

  • YOU WILL CREATE the most relevant cover letter, CV, online presence, LinkedIN profile and interview technique

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