Improved Performance, Mindset and Contribution

Alastair youtube sub from Seven Coaching on Vimeo.

Alastair approached SEVEN with the goal in mind to establish a new career trajectory and devise a strategy to achieve this.

It was the SEVEN proposition that drew him in and together with his coach, Alastair identified where his strengths and weaknesses lie. His coach shaped the coaching programme around his specific leadership style to align with his specific needs. Alastair has walked away from SEVEN with a better understanding of his leadership style. Not only has it helped him to identify this within himself, but also amongst his colleagues. This has resulted in his working relationships flourishing and becoming more productive and effective within the workplace.

The various techniques Alastair has been shown through his sessions have contributed positively to effective communication, stress management in high-pressure situations and increased visibility within the work place. Coaching already proved its worth with tangible results for Alastair. The sessions have also given him the confidence in himself to embrace risk and to find enjoyment in his work.

"The skills and techniques would be very valuable to any senior leadership team across any sector to help improve their performance, improve their mindset and improve the contribution that they can bring to the company."