Navigating Out of the Aviation Industry: Switching Careers During The CoronaVirus

In Turbulent Times, SEVEN Is Your Career Co-Pilot.

The shockwaves sent rumbling through the global economy in the wake of CoronaVirus have been felt in every business sector. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) sees airline revenue decimated by up to $113 billion before the end of this year.

Amongst the worst hit is the Aviation industry, with many thousands of pilots, cabin crew and technical staff facing an uncertain future. 

SEVEN looks into the damage caused by the pandemic, what it means for aviation professionals and how they can make a successful career change during uncertain times.

Flights Cancelled, Careers Halted

The aviation industry is reeling from the effects of CoronaVirus, and thousands of airline pilot jobs around the world have been axed since COVID-19 began grounding commercial flights. 

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) sees airline revenue decimated by up to $113 billion before the end of this year.

With early statistics illustrating that as many as fifteen thousand pilot jobs are threatened and may have already been lost, the already fragile employment framework keeping airline staff in the black is leaving many with shattered career prospects.


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According to a study on Atypical Employment in Aviation carried out by the University of Ghent, over one in six pilots in Europe are “atypical” employees.

An atypical employee is someone who works as self-employed, through an agency or, even more concerningly, on a zero-hour contract with no minimum pay guaranteed. 

Understandably, these precarious working contracts have long been disliked by pilots, as they provide little stability and often take advantage of those most vulnerable when it comes to employment needs.

“Atypical employment in aviation is merely a smokescreen for regular employment with the attached responsibilities ignored.”
ECA President Jon Horne

A whopping ninety percent of self-employed pilots are not allowed to work for more than one airline at a time, and ninety-three percent have no flexibility to decide when or how many hours they fly. In fact, often pilots have no direct employment relationship with their airline whatsoever.

Whilst some airlines have offered to keep staff employed with “take it or leave it” salary reductions, many pilots are subjected to opaque and poorly executed redundancies. 

Various well-known airlines have shown poor practice in recent months when dealing with employment contracts and redundancies. It cannot be argued that it is a difficult time for all involved and tough decisions have to be made, but emerging “anti-crew practices” have been questionable at times. 


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Too Many Pilots, Not Enough Cockpits

For those weathering the difficult employment conditions, returning to what may become a highly competitive working environment is a worry.

Pilot jobs are expected to be in high demand and short supply, meaning that those looking for anything resembling reliable work must be at the very top of their game.

The expensive training and licensing fees also stack up, especially when many pilots paying them are on “No Fly, No Pay” contracts and are currently out of work completely.

The isolation that COVID-19 has forced upon many, coupled with job insecurity and the risk of contracting a dangerous virus has seen Peer Support Programmes (PSPs) for pilots reporting an increase in calls, and has evidently taken its toll on many working within the aviation industry.


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Time For A New Career Flight Path.

There are two distinct choices for professionals currently in this difficult situation - Continue working within a struggling industry for the foreseeable future, or make a change and begin down a new career path.

For those who have been made redundant or who are simply just unhappy with the treatment they have received during this unprecedented crisis, making a career change can feel like an incredibly daunting voyage to embark on.

Professionals that have worked in the airline industry for many years may feel as though they know nothing else, and that their specialised skills are not applicable in other professions. 

This is simply not the case, and the SEVEN team wants to help people who are worried about where to begin on their journey through unchartered territory.

SEVEN is volunteering to assist aviation industry professionals most affected by COVID-19. Our expert team of career coaches will help you transfer your skills and knowledge into a new industry, and arm you with the tools to confidently take-off into a new and exciting professional career.


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Approaching: A New Path For Your Professional Career

Our expert crew are here for those who have been left grounded by the worldwide loss of jobs in the aviation industry.

The SEVEN team are avid travellers, and we feel compelled to give back to all of the tireless pilots, flight crew, engineers and mechanics that have been hit hardest by recent world events. 

We are utilising our combined years in career coaching to offer an exclusive Aviation Webinar Series; aimed at tackling the issues faced and providing clear direction to those uncertain of their future in the aviation industry.

This 6 week webinar series will walk you through everything that accompanies pivoting your career after years within a particular industry.

Our 3 expert career coaches and SEVEN Founder will take you on a journey: looking at how you can turn redundancy into opportunity and how to navigate your way into a different industry.

We will be talking with industry professionals that can give you the information, advice and confidence you need to take-off into an exciting new professional career.

Amongst uncertainty and change, we are here to light-up the landing strip and enable you to land safely and confidently in a new profession.


Ready For Lift-Off?

We expect an amazing turnout for these events, and want to be a part of your upcoming success story. 

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