SEVEN x General Assembly: Future proof your career in 2019 + beyond

Join Evelyn at General Assembly as we talk innovative job-hunting, authentic personal branding and strategic networking.

Tuesday 19 March  –  6:30 - 7:30pm
GA London, The Relay Building, 1st Floor
114 Whitechapel High Street, London

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Traditional job-hunting puts you in a passive and vulnerable position, SEVEN are known for helping ambitious professionals to get into the driving seat and start directing their careers now and long into the future. These skills are not taught anywhere, but are the most important life skills you will ever learn.

SEVEN are known for up-skilling and empowering their clients with the internal and external tools to take control of their career success. In this workshop, we will share with you the true value and importance of personal ownership when it comes to your own success and how to lay the right foundations now. We will give you a taste of the different techniques and strategies you need to start using to navigate your career, uncover the hidden job market, and how to use authentic personal branding and strategic networking to ensure you won't be vulnerable if or when inevitable changes crop up, or you realise you've outgrown your current role, company or industry and need to find something new.

End your dependence on recruiters, job-boards and waiting for opportunities to arise in 2019 and learn how to upgrade your career development strategy, so that you can start to future proof your career and feel in control of your own success!

  • How the audience job search - illustrating a passive/reactive approach v.s pro-active/holistic approach
  • How secure/clear do they feel about achieving their long term career goals currently
  • What is Authentic Networking + why it's the strongest foundation to long term career success
  • Through Stories of SEVEN Clients - help the audience learn how authentic networking can future proof their careers Use the audience to define what authenticity means for them in the context of networking + learn how they apply it starting today


  • Leave with a new career mindset - the importance of a more holistic, pro-active and longer term career view
  • Practical understanding of what an authentic networking approach looks like

  • The 80/20% golden rule of authentic networking + how to apply it to future proof their careers + avoid their next job-hunt

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