The One Thing all Successful People Have in Common

Recently, I’ve been on a drive to develop our team in new and exciting ways, as well as, checking in with our existing SEVEN Coaches and through many fantastic conversations, I couldn’t help but notice one very clear commonality we all have, having our own individual A-Team to support us, help us, teach us and to learn from.

Speaking with Eden Abrahams, our New York Associate, her description of her ideal client is ‘someone who gets that they need help to accomplish things’. And I whole-heartedly agree. Having a personal trainer,  a business or work mentor, a therapist, a creativity or development coach, a support group, a writing group, an energy healer, a masseuse is all common place these days. It’s not just something for the elite or the rich and famous or indeed a Hollywood film. We live in such an amazing time, where there is literally a group or a professional out there to help you or facilitate pretty much anything you can imagine!  

What I come across quite commonly in my work with career and executive coaching clients, is a reticence to not just look for help, but to accept help.

We all have so many resources all around us, in friends, extended family, colleagues, team mates, partners, neighbours, and I see so often, how people don’t maximise their immediate circle to develop and learn, not to mind their extended network. It’s about putting yourself out there a bit and seeing the opportunity for learning, growth and support all around you.

You don’t have to pay for your A-Team either. Many clients I have come across, have amazing opportunities in their organisations to be mentored by really successful, exciting thought leaders and don’t take them up on it, or are too nervous to manage the relationship to get what they need. There’s so many MeetUp.com groups out there and lots of people with similar goals. Toastmasters is a group I’ve recommended hundreds of my clients use, over the years and it has resulted in some amazing networking opportunities, career opportunities and people finding mentors they would ordinarily never have had.  

If you don’t have a mentor, make it your objective this week to find 5 possible people and email all of them to set up a coffee to get a sense of who’d be of most value to you.

One of the best things I’ve learnt as a coach and entrepreneur, is no one person or professional can be all things to you, you need to create a team. As you get more comfortable with the idea of an A-Team, know that there are roles and areas of expertise, know who to call on for different aspects, that’s the skill in fully utilising our A-Team.

If you want to succeed in any career, you’ve got to invest in yourself and surround yourself with the best people you can find. Sometimes it takes time, you’ve got to experiment and find the right type of people. I’ve had many different coaches over the years and many of them were right for that particular time or that stage of development. You’ve got to keep moving and keep developing your A-Team as you develop.

For me, I work with a business mentor, a transformational Coach, sometimes a therapist, sometimes a hypnotherapist, and get a lot of value from my Artist’s Way group. I also surround myself more and more with many innovators, inspiring Coach’s and fellow-entrepreneurs. We need people, we learn so much faster through others who’ve gone before us, we get energised by other’s successes and learning. Most importantly, we become who and what we surround ourselves with.  

2 simple actions to take to start building your A-Team

1. I invite you to think of the top 5 most successful people you find exciting or resonate with, those people you look up to and would love to emulate. And learn who their A-Team is and how they use them. I guarantee they have one.

2. Work out, who are the people right under your nose who you could learn from and use to move yourself forward? And start setting up some coffees. Don’t be shy, get in the habit of widening your circle and get in the habit of accepting help and asking for help.  

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