The Strongest Start Any Graduate Can Have!

We are excited to share with you our specially tailored range of graduate career coaching packages, covering everything from career direction, interview skills coaching, CV writing, understanding suitability, personal branding and more. Whether you or your loved one is a recent or new graduate from a degree, MA, PhD, MBA, career coaching at this stage, is probably the optimum time to maximise the expertise and support a Career Coach can provide.

We have a long history of successfully working with graduates across an incredibly diverse range of industries, from many aspects of law, consultancy, accountancy, politics, business, marketing, design, tech, fashion, social enterprise start-ups, journalism, TV, charities, PR, the list goes on and continues to grow. We also coach graduates from all over the world, coming to London to gain international experience and our expertise can fast-track and guide you through the London and UK job market, interviewing style and overall approach to recruitment.

What’s involved:

Career Direction
We help graduates get clear around their suitability, their natural strengths, understand what their individual career needs are for immediate and long-term career satisfaction.

Values / Drivers
We help graduates uncover their core values and drivers and motivators and understand how to match the right roles and companies to fit their values. This is key to the ‘right career’ formula.

The Importance of Environmental Fit
Fit is key to career satisfaction and success for everyone. This is one of the most common career aspects, people overlook and the biggest reason our clients report dissatisfaction and stress in their careers. So getting this right from the beginning, is one of the greatest things you or any graduate can do.

Life Vision & Goals
Putting shape around your longer-term future, getting clear around what you want from life, is key to giving context and charting a path from this point on. Your first step or next step, must be in line with your grander vision for your life to achieve the fit, we all look for, we guide you to achieve that.

Maximise Your Network
How to mine, maximise and strategically grow your network to create opportunities now and well into the future. We also share our network with our clients when relevant.

CVs. We cover all aspects to help you tailor your CV to exactly where you want to be. From knowing what type of CV you need for your chosen industry and role to, how to showcase what you can do or want to do, above what you have done. Understanding your motivated skills, natural strengths and what your USPs are, we cover it all.

Online Profile Review. We review and help you tailor your LinkedIN profile, Twitter, your Blog, articles you write, your portfolio, anything that contributes to your online profile, to ensure you are showing yourself at your best and in line with the career you want.

Interview coaching skills
We are interview coaching experts. Our approach is highly thorough, tailored and role-play led. We research the organisations, roles, job specs and feedback for your interviews and help you expertly craft the very best answers to the toughest industry-specific interview questions.

Personal Branding
We help graduates understand how they need and want to be viewed professionally to nail that interview and achieve their career goals. From image, to communication and presentation styles, we cover all aspects to ensure you’re putting your best foot forward.