Welcome to Life Coaching Fridays!

Forget ‘motivational Monday’, it’s now officially all about Life Coaching Fridays! We thought Friday was a great day every week for us to lighten things up and share some life inspiration. Our usual career focused how-to coaching articles will continue as usual during the rest of the week. We’re going to select the best of what we’ve found most inspiring, uplifting and motivational from our week to share with you.

Videos, articles, books, documentaries, news stories, anything that stops us, reminds us of life as a whole and gives us perspective. Who better to start with than 2 little snippets from Oprah, a fantastic documentary ‘Finding Vivian Maier’ and Julia Cameron’s book, I’m currently working through, called ‘The Artist’s Way’.

We watched the fantastic ‘Finding Vivian Maier’ documentary this week and if you’re a photography fan, a documentary fan, enjoy vintage style or just like a human interest story, you will love this! A very complex, winding, uplifting story and what amazing work, thankfully now available for us all to enjoy.

The first Oprah clip is about how you, we, need to be putting ourselves first. Living self-fully is a good thing! We agree, if you’re investing in you, taking care of you, giving yourself downtime, fun-time, you have much more to give at work, at home, in relationships and are probably much happier!

A fabulously creative client of mine, introduced me and reminded me of my book of the week,’The Artist’s Way‘, before Christmas and I’m so grateful that he did. It took me a few months, but I did eventually press the Amazon ‘Buy Now’ button and have begun the journey. As a book that was in my awareness for a long time, my father brought it home over 15 years ago, maybe longer and I picked it up from a book shelf, many, many times, but never read it. Only now, am I ready for it. I’ve been doing the ‘morning pages’ (a brain dump of 3 pages, you do every morning to offload all the little niggly things that suck our energy and distract us during our day) which I find such a subtle but great tool, that helps me focus so well through my day, I’m twice as productive as the days I don’t do them.

I’m loving Julia’s words and insights. I would recommend it for anyone, not just people who see themselves as ‘artistic’ or even ‘creative’. Life is creative, if you’re alive, you’re creative. Allowing ourselves to be creative, express ourselves and grow creatively, is like a flower blooming, every petal that unfolds, is new, sometimes a little uncomfortable, but always beautiful, and often there’s also a feeling that what we’re becoming, is not so new, a reminder that it’s a journey into ourselves, which is actually very familiar. To finish off with a bang, this second Oprah clip just blew us away!

Thanks Oprah and OWN for the clips.

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