Client: Anastasia

Role: Development Manager at Advent Software

Chosen Programme: SEVEN Lite (6 sessions)

Duration of Coaching: 4 months

To better herself as a professional, a leader, a mother and a woman.

The coach tailored exercises and tools specifically around:

- Work life balance

- Reconciliation, self and ego

- Challenges every mother faces

- Psychometric tests to learn how to use her strengths 

- Overcome limiting belief 

- Improve self compassion and self awareness

- 2 year vision plan

Results as Reported by Client:
- Considerably boosted her confidence and visibility at work

- Profoundly more self aware and compassionate 

- Flourishing with a greater work-life balance

"I don’t remember a session where I went back home without having learnt something about my journey or without a motivational feeling with me."