Client: Ollie

Role: Yacht Crew

Chosen Programme: SEVEN Signature (9 sessions)

Duration of Coaching: 7 months

Objective: Identify a job where the client could be ‘successful as a self-made entrepreneur’.

The coach tailored exercises and tools specifically around:

- Exploring clients interests, fears, strengths and skills

- Mapping out possible jobs/careers and mid/long term career goals

- Networking strategies 

- Confidence building

- Daily log of progress and feedback to keep motivated

Results as Reported by Client:
- Deeper understanding of triggers and stressors and coping mechanisms 

- Really well established in his dream job!

- Increase of clarity surrounding his values, strengths, areas of interest and areas of development

"My coach was always on hand - night or day and was humble yet direct in his approach which really brought the best out of me."