Client: Benjamin

Role: Head of Marketing

Chosen Programme: SEVEN Signature (9 sessions)

Duration of Coaching: 3 months

Objective: Rediscover professional mojo and the joy of work through a purpose led/ impact driven new career.  Wanted to clarify long-term career goals and create an action plan to find a new role that excited him including a personal brand refresh.

- Staying focused on exploring his options and values

- Personal brand refresh

- Creating a career plan and path he's truly excited by

- Growing his professional network in a new sector

Results as Reported by Client:
- Got his “work mojo” back

- Successfully joining a climate tech accelerator

- Generating in-bound career opportunities and aligned connection requisitions via LinkedIn

- Feeling empowered to forge a new career path reflecting his values

"My coach was true professional who is mindful in her approach and instinctively knows how best to support you."