Client: Sheerin

Role: Hotel Intern

Chosen Programme: SEVEN Signature (9 sessions)

Duration of Coaching: 6 months

Objective: Identify mind management tools for conquering her sense of overwhelm and discover a career path which aligns to her strengths, values, passions and purpose.

The coach tailored exercises and tools specifically around:

- Career exit strategy

- Stress management

- Identifying her passions, purpose, values & drivers

- Create a vision and strategy for securing her dream job

- Develop strong cover letter, CV, LinkedIn and built professional contacts

Results as Reported by Client:
- Succinct strategy for securing her ideal role

- Increased clarify, confidence and excitement around succeeding

- Clear idea around who she is outside her family identity

"Every single session I walk away benefiting from my coach's vast knowledge in personal development, career development and real-life actionable advice."