Client: George

Role: Contractor (Senior SAP ERP transformation programme expert)

Chosen Programme: SEVEN Signature (9 sessions + 1 Top-Up session)

Duration of coaching: 8 months

Objective: Increase confidence in order to obtain lead position in a more exciting IT transformation project, with increased salary.

The coach tailored exercises and tools specifically around:

- Building self awareness

- Increase confidence

- Enhancing clients leadership impact and dealing with conflict

- Identify potential career options to match desired lifestyle and skillset

- Planned stage action plan that goes up until 2036

Results as Reported by Client:
- Mastered the art of facilitation and negotiated lead position in prestigious IT transformation project

- Defined strategy and approach to be promote whilst also increased confidence to successfully negotiate a pay rise

- Increasingly expanded network - socially and professionally  

"My coaching journey was a fantastic adventure. It was immersive, supportive, professional and fun."