Client: Ben

Role: Market Risk Manager > Head of Operational Risk, Oil

Chosen Programme: SEVEN Signature (9 sessions)

Duration of coaching: 4 months

Objective: To clarify what other opportunities he could explore and create a plan to follow that would see him in a new role/organisation in 12 months.

The coach tailored exercises and tools specifically around:

- Clarity on values, strengths, skills and leadership style 

- How to lead, manage and motivate his team 

- How to have difficult conversations with senior stakeholders

- How to have “water cooler” conversations when working from home due to COVID19

- How to optimise LinkedIn effort to get information and networking


Results as Reported by Client:

- Considerable clarity on his discomfort with the existing organisation and what time of company would fit better 

- Really well established on LinkedIn despite feeling a lack of confidence in networking 

- Increasingly pleased with the direction of his career

"I had an excellent series of sessions, it was really useful, very helpful in defining the fundamentals of what my career will look like and I picked up a whole series of useful tips to use along the way."