Client: Michelle

Role: Change Programme Lead

Chosen Programme: SEVEN Signature (9 sessions)

Duration of coaching: 5 months

Objective: To clarify what other opportunities she could explore and create a plan to follow that would see her in a new role/organisation in 12 months.

The coach tailored exercises and tools specifically around:

- Getting in touch with her values, strengths and motivators 

- How to take care of herself, address her own needs and develop habits to manage anxieties 

- Career vision

- Career requirements


Results as Reported by Client:

- Effective tactics and strategies to help manage her anxiety

- Really well established into apply for different opportunities despite a global pandemic

- Increasingly pleased with the direction of her career

- Discovered a work-life balance

"I reached out to SEVEN to find a coach, and felt like they really took the time to pair me with somebody that matched my needs. Will helped me shape my career and my confidence. I highly recommend SEVEN!"