Coach Profile


Career Coach

Clemence is a Career Coach with a Masters in Business who has worked for companies such as Accenture, Morgan Stanley and American Express with over 10 years of experience in people-focused business operations and strategy consulting.

Clemence works with high potential professionals looking for a more meaningful career and life, specialising in aiding her clients to gain promotion to leadership roles, boost their career progression and move towards a more meaningful career.

Integrating innovative techniques and neuroscience into her coaching, Clemence defines and implements an action plan resulting in tangible results and maximised potential. Creating tailored sessions, working with her clients to ensure they are focused on their individual needs.

Through coaching, Clemence supports her clients accelerate their careers and is passionate about issues of gender and supporting women’s professional development. Currently based in Paris, Clemence has worked in New York, Montreal and London. 


  • Career change
  • Creativity expansion
  • Applied neuroscience

Clients From

  • Facebook
  • 360learning
  • Ace Hotel
  • Societe Generale


  • Animas Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching
  • Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH)
  • International Coach Federation (ICF)


  • Neuroscience
  • Business Culture
  • Creativity
  • Wellness


“She inspired from session #1 and made me feel I could step outside my comfort zone in order to reach my full potential. Because why not!?! In the end she coached me through finding what is truly important to me and I have now landed a new exciting job in a different field (exactly what I wanted).”

Kelly Senior Account Manager


"Before I started coaching with SEVEN, I was at a point in my life where I was searching for a greater purpose. Through many in-depth, insightful and exploratory discussions, we found out what truly matters to me, and then embedded this purpose into my life and everything we do. It has been an incredible journey of self-enlightenment."

Oliver Associate Research Advisor


"I feel I have discovered many things about myself personally and professionally through our insightful one to one sessions. She took her time to understand me as a person and help me better understand what my dream career would look like, through interesting exercises and tests. Besides that she is very friendly, positive, encouraging and uplifting person to work with, and I found myself very motivated to work on my career goals after every session I had with her."

Donika Paralegal