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David is a Life & Career Coach with 7 years experience helping high-performers develop their self-confidence. Bringing together his training in Social Psychology, Life Coaching & Career Coaching, David provides a holistic solution to developing meaningful relationships and performing when it matters.

Having worked with an array of clients from Olympic Athletes to Business Owners, David understands the tremendous pressures facing the ambitious. He founded the business Self-Belief Chief having grown up struggling for self-confidence, facing discrimination for being part Christian part Jewish and wrestling with pressure as an athlete. Having become an author, David has developed a reputation for being an expert in helping others develop self-belief using his ‘6 Master Steps’ model.

David specialises particularly in Career Advancement - showing people how to move into their dream role by adding value that businesses crave - & overcoming heartbreak by showing people how to turn a break-up into a breakthrough. He has an interest in many different fields, bringing together Performance Psychology, Game Theory, NLP amongst numerous other areas to make sure the coaching fits the clients exact needs. He empowers clients by showing them the science on how to improve implementation and create what people really want - permanent change.

David’s life obsession has been ‘if everybody wants to believe in themselves, why don’t they?’ and he has studied human behaviour in some shape or form for 15 years. He is particularly passionate about helping people who’ve spent their lives trying to achieve something, to finally do so.


  • Career Advancement
  • High-Potential Talent
  • Heartbreak
  • Self-Belief

Clients from

  • Olympic Athletes
  • Google
  • AllSee Technologies
  • Tesco
  • Trusted Nurse Staffing
  • Dart
  • OdHealth


  • Practitioner of Excellence from Strategic Intervention by Tony Robbins (BCC)
  • Career Advancement Certified Coach (ICF) (CPD)
  • BA in International Relations with Social Psychology


  • Self-Belief
  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Performance Psychology


“David has clearly done his homework and is an expert in the field of self-belief. I had really deep insights whilst talking with him, he practices what he preaches and if you want more confidence, work with David."

Ali Author


“Great experience, I felt each session covered a great deal and was very informative. I felt fully supported and was motivated to achieve my goals after every session.”

Greg Tesco


“I found every conversation with my coach, David, to be thought-provoking and inspiring. He is incredibly good at listening, helping me to work through challenges and opportunities in a structured way and posting evidence-based solutions and techniques. What makes him stand out his ability to integrate your goals and aspirations to get to the heart of what you truly want from your life & career.”

Katharine Google