Coach Profile

Executive Career Coach

Hazel is an Executive and Career Coach who draws on her 30-year career within marketing, consulting, fundraising and sales, her 5 years of senior-level leadership and 3 years of coaching experience using evidence-based methodologies to transform lives, evolve mindsets and careers.  

Having coached nearly 100 clients across all levels from those starting out in their careers to senior leaders across the banking, technical, professional services, not-for-profit and charity sectors, Hazel is keen to bring out the best in her clients and help them achieve the results they desire. 

She also gets immense pleasure from coaching clients to have the courage to start their own business and scale their business through developing the mindset and resilience to do so. Ultimately Hazel brings out the best in you, so you can create what you desire and be more fulfilled, aligning with your purpose, meaning and vision. 

Hazel specialises in mindset, emerging leaders, career change, career progression, boosting performance, leadership development and the capacity to thrive as a leader. 

With multiple successful career transitions under her belt, Hazel is uniquely placed to guide others through this stage of uncertainty to help her clients find their next career direction.  She gets her clients out of their comfort zone into action.

Her coaching style is empowering, engaging, fun and flexible to each client’s needs, coaching the whole person. She will champion you, facilitate a shift from feeling stuck by inner fears to a place of clarity, purpose and fierce courage. Hazel has a focused, results-driven approach. 

Hazel wants to help those reach their full potential to be the best version of themselves in their professional and personal lives. She has been researching cultivating human potential within the fields of neuroscience, cognitive and positive psychology, and performance science for many years incorporating her findings into her coaching. 


  • Growth Mindset
  • Emerging Leaders
  • Career Change
  • Career progression
  • Leadership development
  • Performance Coaching
  • High potential talent
  • Personal Development

Clients froM

  • Virgin Money
  • Aviva
  • LGC
  • Quest
  • KitchenEx
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Not-for-Profit / B-Corps
  • Charities


  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC) from the International Coaching Federation
  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) from the Co-Active Training Institute
  • Licensed Firework Career Coach
  • Certified Positive Intelligence
  • Mental Fitness Coach (CPQC)
  • Parentgym Coach
  • Yoga Breath, Body and Mind Coach
  • BA Business Studies Honours Degree


  • Outdoor adventure sports
  • Dancing
  • Yoga
  • Travel
  • Music
  • Human Behaviour and Behavioural Change
  • Reading


"Hazel is a wonderful coach who has helped me clarify my life and work goals. With a structured programme over 10 sessions, we explored my values, strengths and motivations to develop a clear set of guidelines to help me make the best career and life decisions for me and my family. Hazel will listen, support and ‘keep you true’ to yourself as you explore your career and life choices."

Charlie Senior Technology Transfer Manager


"As a newbie to professional coaching I had very little expectation of what I could achieve in 3 months working with Hazel but I was totally blown away by the impact it has had, and will have on me as a person. Hazel’s infectious enthusiasm to bring out the best of me is so inspiring and has changed my outlook on what I believe is possible for me to achieve. Hazel’s ability to build an open, reassuring environment allowed me to approach topics I would never have thought possible."

Gordon System Administrator


"I've benefited from leadership programmes before but not for a number of years and so approached Hazel for some support and gained far more benefit than expected. The Positive Intelligence approach was highly effective in establishing personality traits that I could identify and was also incredibly flexible during each session as we discussed various scenarios where coaching was required. The benefit of my sessions with Hazel were timely and the impact of our discussions proved to be very tangible. Hazel is highly engaging and incredibly adept at exploring a variety of issues with equal amounts of humour and insight!"

Stuart Head of Asset Based Lending