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Career Coach

Jennifer is a Career Coach who understands the pressures of the corporate world, being a young female partner in a London law firm before turning to the world of coaching. She strives to help young professionals find their sense of purpose and follow a career aligning with their values.

Speaking English and French, Jennifer helps her clients look to the future, identify where they want to be and the steps to live a balanced and fulfilled life. She specialises in encouraging people to leap into a career change, entrepreneurs start their own business, become leaders and helping people build (or re-build) their confidence.

Driven to champion her clients and facilitate their personal and professional transition, Jennifer is passionate about helping people live in line with their values and empower them to make it happen. Committed to assisting her clients reconnect with themselves and boldly set boundaries to avoid losing yourself in your career.

Jennifer’s coaching style is empowering, engaging and flexible to each client's needs, coaching the whole person. She will champion you, facilitating a shift from feeling stuck by inner fears to a place of clarity, purpose and fierce courage. Jennifer is a previous client of SEVEN, therefore, she understands both sides when it comes to coaching.


  • Career Direction + Career Change 
  • Empowerment + Resilience + Leadership
  • Entrepreneurial Skills + Mindset 
  • Work-Life Balance 
  • Personal Development 

Clients from

  • DeepMind
  • State Street
  • Imperial College London
  • Linda Farrow
  • Monica Vinader
  • Third Bridge Group Limited


  • CTI Coach Training (Co-Active Training Institute)
  • Qualified Solicitor


  • Writing and reading fiction and non-fiction
  • Video editing 
  • Travel 


"I reached out to SEVEN Career Coaching as I was lost and confused with what I wanted to do with my career and the next path to take. I was paired with Jennifer and within the first couple of sessions, I had already found clarity on what I want to do in a career and I understand myself so much better. I have started to take the next steps in my career path and I can't wait to see what the future has to hold and looking forward to continuing working with Jennifer over the coming months. I highly recommend what Jennifer and SEVEN Career Coaching have to offer!"

Georgia Luxury Travel Consultant


"I wanted to find a way to consistently make the right decisions going forward and learn about the catalysts of decision-making which leads to professional as well as personal happiness. Throughout my 12 lessons with Jennifer, I was consistently guided in the right direction by asking myself what would make me the happiest and what really matters to me. I also realised that I already possessed most of the tools needed to land a job, a Master’s degree or just to take the next step. Throughout the sessions, we also went through my personal values and what is important for me in order to better assess my suitability for potential jobs and activities. Overall, I have grown a lot throughout this journey from a mental perspective whilst also claiming tangible benefits."

Tarek Junior Legal Engineer


“I could not recommend SEVEN more. I was stuck in a rut with little knowledge (and very low self esteem) on how to move forward/sideways in my career. My coach, Jen, hit the perfect balance for me, very natural and calm, yet motivating and strong in her advise. Since finishing my 9 sessions with Jen my self-esteem and confidence has increased ten fold, I have a much clearer idea of what my career moves will be, what my key assets are and how I should be using them. If you are teetering with the idea of coaching: just do it. It will be the best investment you've made to date."

Hannah Accessories Designer