Coach Profile

Laura Peli

Leading Graduate Coach

Laura is a professional Leading Graduate coach with over 15 years of work experience including 7+ years in coaching. She has coached, in person, all over the UK and Europe and has had virtual sessions with clients across the globe. She supports her clients in career change, career transition and personal development.

She has a proven track record of 600+ coaching hours and has successfully created and conducted workshops at top European universities, business schools and companies.

She speaks multiple languages ​​and thanks to her background, has worked with graduates, junior employees right up to executives, CFOs and general managers on a global scale.

Laura is currently completing her Professional Certified Coach (PCC) qualification with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and is always looking for new training opportunities. She also has a degree in foreign languages ​​and two masters in business and management.

Laura coaches in Italian, English and is also practising in Spanish to offer her services to a wider audience. In addition to having experience in the career sector, Laura is opening up to storytelling coaching, to explore new horizons using stories.


  • Career Change
  • Career Transition
  • Work Life Integration
  • Personal Development
  • Application + Interviewing
  • Stress Management

Clients From

  • Allianz Bank
  • PWC
  • Burberry
  • Fineco
  • Furness
  • Intesa San Paolo
  • IED
  • 24Ore Business School
  • The Hague University
  • Les Roches University


  • Training For Professional Coach (ICF standards)
  • EpiCoaching Academy
  • Corporate and Executive Coach Training Programme (The Coaching Academy)
  • Foundation in Life Coaching (The Coaching Academy)
  • Coaching for Business (London City University)
  • Interview skills & CV writing (CPD certified)


  • Yoga
  • Paddleboarding
  • Jazz Music
  • Documentaries
  • Storytelling Coaching
  • Personal Development books


"Fantastic coaching service, really helped to get clear on not only what I want out of my career but how I should go about getting there. Built my confidence tremendously, a great choice for any lost graduate."

Jaimin Graduate


"She has provided me with invaluable tools to navigate the extremely competitive graduate job market. I have a final interview with the partner of a top London based accountancy firm next week for their graduate trainee program - a point in the recruitment process I had never reached after countless applications.A key outcome of the coaching process has been a change in my mindset. I am so much more motivated and confident in my abilities."

Sophie Trainee Chartered Accountant


"I started coaching in my final year of University where I was at a crossroad regarding my future. I wanted to find a way to consistently make the right decisions going forward and learn about the catalysts of decision-making which leads to professional as well as personal happiness. I realised that I already possessed most of the tools needed to land a job, a Master’s degree or just to take the next step. Overall, I believe to have grown a lot throughout this journey from a mental perspective whilst also claiming tangible benefits such as a job, and Master’s offers."

Tarek Law and Business Graduate