Coach Profile

Marie de Champchesnel

Career Coach

Marie is a certified professional coach and a former Director of Operations, with 20 years of experience in the arts and creative industries.

After finding herself stuck and lost in a career that was no longer her passion, she understands first-hand the pain, uncertainty and fear that can come with changing career path.

Marie strongly believes that a successful career transformation comes from the inside-out and requires an honest and deep level of self-awareness.  

As a career and life coach, she helps her clients get clarity on the type of life they truly want. And she helps them to make the positive changes – professionally or personally – that overcome the barriers to transform their visions into their reality.

Marie coaches in English & French.


  • Career change
  • Personal Development
  • Entrepreneurialism

Clients from

  • Barclays
  • Management
  • Entrepreneur
  • Early to mid-career stage


  • Certificate in Professional Coaching
  • MA in History of Art
  • Foundation in Non-violent communication (NVC)


  • Emotional intelligence
  • Non violent communication
  • Arts & culture
  • Yoga
  • Swimming


“Every session was completely tailored to what I needed each week. She helped me to understand what I wanted from a career, how to structure my job search, and how to curate a CV and Cover Letters that recruiters will love. Something that I didn't expect to gain from SEVEN Career Coaching but actually turned out to be one of the most invaluable takeaways was the change in mindset. It has given me a more positive mindset going forward with my job search and in general life.”

Sophie Analyst


"Before I started coaching with SEVEN, I was at a point in my life where I was searching for a greater purpose. Through many in-depth, insightful and exploratory discussions, we found out what truly matters to me, and then embedded this purpose into my life and everything we do. It has been an incredible journey of self-enlightenment."

Oliver Associate Research Advisor


"Since our first session, she could understand my goals, passions and guide me to find myself and my skills that I will now use to push forward on my career. Her friendly and uplifting personality has helped me to build my confidence, appreciate and cheer for every achievement. Thank you so much SEVEN Career Coaching for matching me with this dream coach!"

Melissa Freelance Social Media Content Developer