Coach Profile

Nejmi Alexander

Career Coach

In his career as a consultant and coach, Nejmi has significant experience in collaborating with clients to create transformational outcomes. As a career coach, Nejmi specialises in building clarity and focus on what is generating value in career to create the platform for accelerated development to help clients to achieve greater productivity, superior results in career progression, and to navigate career transition towards entrepreneurialism.

Nejmi creates the foundation for accelerated development through a focus on individuals' values - generating insight and alignment between day to day actions and behaviours and their contribution towards long term personal, business and career aspirations. He is passionate about exposing creative new outcomes and pathways with clients and contributing towards an expansion in thinking beyond the default and 'go-to' behaviours in order to enhance the toolset his clients can call upon on their path towards greater satisfaction, alignment, personal development.

In his practice, Nejmi is strong on creating greater clarity, applying proven tools and techniques, to enable a steadying and focused outlook, paving the way for clients to accelerate towards their desired outcomes. Nejmi is a qualified Personal Performance Coach and Business Consultant, obtaining his Diploma from The Coaching Academy (accredited with the International Coaching Federation (ICF)).


  • High Performance Talent
  • Career Direction
  • Career Change
  • Performance
  • Productivity


  • Personal Performance Coach and Business Consultant from The Coaching Academy (accredited with the International Coaching Federation (ICF)).


  • Entrepreneurialism
  • Travel
  • Strategy



“My career has taken leaps and bounds, and I’m now armed with the techniques to help me grab each and every opportunity in a way that is most beneficial for me.”

Azhur Freelance Director


“My coach became more than an adviser but more so a mentor and even friend. He always went out of his way to help me in any way possible to reach my objectives and worked to understand what drives me personally to ensure could find the perfect match.”

Camile Customer Marketing, Meltwater