Coach Profile

Preethi Sundaram

Executive Career Coach

A certified leadership coach with over 15 years of experience at top tech companies, Preethi has worked with over 100 individuals supporting them in furthering their careers and evolving into stronger managers and leaders. She uses her deep knowledge of the corporate world and mixes her passion for coaching to deliver results for her clients.

Preethi is a leader in the tech industry, having held executive positions at LinkedIn and Google. Her clients are high-performing executives in the tech industry who are looking for greater growth and bigger impact. Her clients go on to lead large teams and develop into executives at companies through her support. She is passionate about greater diversity in tech and loves coaching women and BAME groups so that they can achieve their highest potential in the corporate world.

Preethi’s practices performance coaching; she helps her clients to explore the underlying assumptions, beliefs, values, expectations, and attitudes that shape their experience of themselves, their world and other people. Her coaching aims to go deeper, changing the way clients view themselves, other people, and the world around them thereby creating sustainable, long-term transformation.


  • Career direction
  • Business coaching
  • Executive coaching

Clients From

  • Google
  • LinkedIn
  • Jolt
  • Allia


  • Life Coach School certification: career track


  • Baking bread
  • Reading on a cozy couch


"A true professional who is mindful in her approach and instinctively knows how best to support you - when to listen, when to help unpack thinking and even when to politely challenge. An invaluable guide in helping me navigate an ambitious career transition - and I now feel more empowered than ever to be forging a clear new path that reflects my values. In summary, coaching is an investment in your future that you won't regret."

Benjamin Head of International Marketing


"Working with SEVEN has been inspirational, I’ve learnt so much in 5 months. The most important aspect for me was focusing on my goals but not in a clinical, standardised or traditional way. Its clear to me now, career and life are inseparable, this was the key to defining my values and aspirations for my future. I loved the sessions we had and looked forward to the exercises in between our meetings, they were often difficult but always rewarding. am now on a path that I feel confident and committed to."

Shiten Business Development Director


"I found my sessions with SEVEN to be invaluable at teasing out what I wanted to achieve from my career. Based on our conversations, I gained not one but two of my dream jobs. If you are wondering whether to sign up for some careers coaching, I’d say - go for it. You never know where it will take you."

Rebecca Senior Consultant