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Career Coach

Sean is a one-to-one business coach, but also a dynamic mentor in creative thinking.

With 10+ years as a creative workshop host, he now helps executives, leaders, and employees brainstorm the “big picture” stuff—career ideals, life plans, networks, legacy, and contribution to society. He helps his clients innovate and time-manage, take new and daring career directions, or simply feel more confident with their place in a team.

As a creative writer, Sean also spends time with directors, screenwriters, artists, and novelists. His mission at SEVEN is to bring energy from the creative sphere to the world of business, to help people develop more vibrant, colourful outlines for their working life, to exercise imagination, to expand in ways that leave an indelible mark on the world and people around them.

For Sean, getting creative also means greater connections, higher salaries, higher profits and a larger outreach. To this end, he’s able to mentor his clients in personal branding, to identify ideal customers, to better express business and/or personal values, to develop everything from workplace communication to CVs.

In his time as a coach, Sean has worked with executives, public speakers, consultants, business founders, academics, marketers, entrepreneurs, vloggers, videographers, poets…—whoever you are, his unique approach means he’s ideally placed to listen, to work with the fine details of your experience, to help you establish your vision, and hone the many profound ways you hope to grow in the weeks, months, and years to come.


  • Language and Self-Expression
  • Leadership
  • Career Trajectory
  • Career/Life Purpose
  • Vision and Values Training
  • Business Project Building
  • Creative Project Building


  • Google
  • Oxford University Press
  • Conflict Research Society
  • BOOM! Communications
  • Savoo
  • Guild Hall School of Music and Drama
  • Toast Ale
  • Bio Bean
  • Buy Me Once


  • ICF Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching with Animas
  • The Landmark Self Expression and Leadership Programme
  • PQ (Positive Intelligence) Introduction Programme


  • Creative Self Expression
  • Project Building
  • Global Change


"Working with Sean, I was able to quickly develop some elegant and engaging website copy for the academic/policy institute that I run. In addition, I was helped to refine my ideas for a TED talk application, and to embark upon the next stages of my professional journey with greater clarity. I would highly recommend him to anyone!”

Govinda Founder/CEO


"“Sean knows how to go straight and to the point. He helped me with strategies, clarity and honest feedback. I was able to know what was the decision I would make very easily and after considering together the factors of it, so my own confusing thoughts where repackaged into direction with efficacy. I recommend working with Sean, who was very practical, reflective and productive. You won't waste time!"

Catherine Consultant


“Working with Sean has really been an enlightening experience. During and after each session he inspires you to remain focused on your goals by providing step-by-step advice and offering valuable suggestions for personal development in other areas. What I like most about Sean is his positive nature and how he takes time to understand your needs while going that extra mile in helping you realise and fulfil your dreams.”

Katie Entrepreneur