A Blogger’s SEVEN Experience

We offer all potential new client enquiries a free 20 minute coaching phone consultation to better understand the coaching process and learn about the specifics around how coaching can help you and your individual situation and also, the difference between SEVEN’s approach and style of our coaches to other coaching companies! I spoke with Linde just this past Friday on one such phone call and this is her account, she shared with her readers on her blog An Urban Village. Thanks Linde.

“So – on Friday I found a site online – they offer career coaching, and I thought to myself that’s it – I need to speak to someone who can objectively help me refocus my vision, and help me re-adjust my abilities – in order to get to where I’m supposed to be. I filled in an online form, and within a couple of hours I had an email from the office and they were setting up a call for the same afternoon. A half an hour free consultation. Great, progress in less than a day!

A couple of hours later I had a call from Evelyn, from Seven Career Coaching – and we had a most inspiring chat – I felt at ease to chat with her freely and openly and she was engaging and I think this is a path that will definitely assist me just to get a bit; no a lot! of clarity on my life, where I’d like to be – and how to ultimately get there. The last question she asked me was this: what would you like to accomplish at the end of our couching course? I though for a moment and I said – I want to live an ambitious life. And that’s where my first quote originated from: be ambitious with your life. Its quite empowering to say these words, to believe in them, and to keep repeating them. Print it out, stick it on your wall – surround yourself with positivity… and you’ll become more positive and more inspired.

Saturday morning I woke up with the following on my mind: be your own kind of wonderful … be unique, be you, believe in yourself, believe in your own kind of wonderful, and be just that. The world doesn’t need copies of copies of copies of people, the world needs you, just the way you are – perfectly imperfect – share the beauty that is within you, share the sadness you may feel – share the uncertainties, share the honesty of your life. Sometimes we feel broken, sometimes we feel inspired, sometimes we feel like we need some quiet time to absorb and to figure things out. And sometimes we need to reach out and ask for some direction, reach out and ask for some help. And that for me is one of the most difficult parts of this journey – but one I must venture on in order to venture forth. To grow, and to break free from the cage that is holding me back.

And it suddenly kind of dawned on me – that if within half an hour she could help me realise this one thing – what would we not be able to accomplish if I booked some time in with her. Today I received an email from Evelyn on the next steps, the packages they offer and how to proceed. I think its a good enough time as any to get going. Take the first steps, make the commitment – and hopefully see some change…”

Written by Linde and images designed by Linde at An Urban Village Blog

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