Stylist’s ‘Reclaim your lunch break’ campaign!

We’re delighted Stylist magazine has launched this simple but oh so necessary campaign today, on the back of stats that over 54% of Londoners work through their lunch hour every day! That’s 240 hours a year.

Just imagine what you could accomplish with that one hour every day, five hours every week, 20 hours every month, 240 hours a year? From a work-life balance perspective, taking breaks, stepping away from the desk, getting some daylight and air, switching off for even 30 minutes increases productivity, decreases stress and helps overall wellbeing! Imagine you used 1 lunchtime a week, to reach out and speak to other people in different parts of your company to develop your network and learn more about the industry or business you’re in or want to move into, at the end of a year, you’d have considerably built up your knowledge base and network for your next move and all in your lunch hour! Lunchtimes are important and not just for refuelling!

Stylist’s Reclaim your Lunch Break manifesto

Here is the Stylist’s Reclaim your Lunch Break manifesto – we will be following this and encourage you to do the same and notice the difference an hour downtime a day can make!

  • We will encourage you to take at least a 30-minute lunch break each day, with at least one full-hour break a week
  • We aim to get 100 companies to sign up to our campaign to become a ‘lunch break- friendly’ company by July
  • We’ll put on lunch events and workshops around the country and invite you to join us
  • We will encourage companies to organise productive and social lunch events for staff
  • We’ll support your lunch-time rights and show you how to lobby your employer to make your break more productive
  • We will test new and exciting ways to fill your lunch break
  • We aim to change the uk’s lunch-break culture