Are You Maximising Your Potential?

EMILY YOUTUBE from Seven Coaching on Vimeo.

Emily had enjoyed a successful career in digital marketing but was fearful she wasn’t maximising her potential.

She wanted to go deeper. Get more from life. Be 100% fulfilled.

She decided it was time to take a step back and reflect. With the encouragement of her coach she identified her passions and interests and explored potential directions she could take. Emily’s coach was a huge advocate for her, she believed in Emily and through this firm support Emily was empowered to believe in herself. An ambitious career plan emerged informed by the information she had unlocked, and powered by the confidence she had found. Emily started a travel blog combining her love of travel and writing with her experience in digital marketing, and backed up by her long-term strategy to ensure success.

‘If you think about how much time we spend at work, coaching will be the best money you ever spend on yourself.’

Are you fulfilled, or is there something more out there for you?
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