How SEVEN Changed Emily's life

EMILY (PHOTOGRAPHER) YOUTUBE from Seven Coaching on Vimeo.

Emily was unhappy and totally lacking direction. Her role as an Executive PA had left her feeling completely unfulfilled. She didn’t know what her passions were, or how to move forward, but she knew she had suffered for long enough so she reached out to SEVEN for some professional help. She felt confident SEVEN were the right fit for her as everything was tailored to her and her needs.

Working with her SEVEN coach Emily learnt new tools and her confidence boomed, she left each session feeling empowered and motivated. She felt like superwoman. Emily’s coach encouraged her to do things she wouldn’t have done before. She stepped outside her comfort zone, and not only did she uncover what her passion is, she quit her job to pursue it! Emily is now working as a photographer.

‘Emily claims that coaching has changed her life and is the best investment she has made.’

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