Do You Need Help Navigating Your Options Post University

JACK YOUTUBE from Seven Coaching on Vimeo.

Jack had just graduated and felt overwhelmed by the huge choice of career options out there. He wasn’t sure which path was right for him, and so reached out to SEVEN for some expert guidance.

Jack chose SEVEN as he liked our personalised approach. He found the sessions with his coach hugely beneficial, they allowed him to identify parts of his personality that were previously unclear. He learnt his strengths and weaknesses, what his passions and values were and where his skills lie. With this information Jack was able to pinpoint exactly what kind of work environment was suited to him, what he was looking for in a role and an organisation and then how to pitch himself in interviews. Jack is now in a role he loves and feels highly confident about the future.

‘To any graduate considering career coaching, I would say it’s a fantastic investment and something you will really benefit from.’

Do you need help navigating career options post university?
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