Faris' 'Life Changing' Experience with SEVEN

FARIS YOUTUBE from Seven Coaching on Vimeo.

Faris was tired of the uncertainty he felt about his career, he knew he wanted to make a change, but had no idea where to start. He came to SEVEN looking for professional advice. Faris hit it off straight away with his coach and immediately felt comfortable and confident with his decision. Faris' coaching journey was tailored to his exact needs so he worked in a way that was best suited to him- which he loved!

Faris felt progression after every session, his moral was high, and he felt incredibly motivated. His coach encouraged him to step out of his comfort zone and take every opportunity. So, when the chance came up to attend an important conference in San Francisco meeting industry leaders, Faris grabbed it and claims he would have not taken the plunge if it wasn’t for his coach!

He now has a clear direction of where he wants to take his career and has clarity over his life. He describes his experience with SEVEN as life changing, ground-breaking and claims the skills he has developed will stick with him for life.

How will you describe your experience with SEVEN?
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