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Furlough and career change - golden nuggets from the experts!

"While thousands of employees continue life with the uncertainty of being on furlough, many people are starting to find out whether they have a job to go back to. Here, three women share their experiences of prolonged furlough, and experts share their best advice on how to cope with it."

Evelyn Cotter, SEVEN Founder and CEO had a chat with to Stylist Magazine and shared some useful tips on how to change career.

“Be ready for resistance and have a plan for when the chips are down. We are usually our greatest challenge in making change happen. We like the apparent safety of familiarity but, to create something better we have to step out of what we know. Be ready for your negative self talk to pop up and all the reasons why you will fail. Expect it and you can tackle it by disarming it and continuing on regardless.”


Changing your career can seem scary. Couple that with a global pandemic that has the world closed off, and it appears terrifying! However, working from home can have its benefits - offering you a better work/life balance; time to recharge your batteries; being able to slow down and really give thought to 'where to from here' if you're unhappy in your career.


First things first: combat fear

The important first step, when looking to change your career, is to combat the fear of change. Do some investigating and find people who have recently undergone a career change - look at what they did, speak to them, ask them questions. Let them be the positive example you need to take the plunge!


Test the water

Putting out feelers, and testing the waters are also perfect ways to start your career change. Identify and speak to various people who you've watched flourish through a change in their career. They will likely have some encouraging words to offer.


Challenge your beliefs

When you start to change your mindset, you will begin seeing things in a different light. Breaking those mental limitations and allowing yourself to explore new territory within yourself really opens you up to new experiences and change. Get your mind aligned to your goal.


Do some preparation

When you've got the new job offer in front of you, start to really look at how you're going to approach this new opportunity. Prepare yourself for any setbacks you might face, but also to set those goals and achieve them. Expect your negative self-talk to appear, challenge it and you'll be surprised at what you can overcome!



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