Huffpost: Here’s Why You Should Move In With Your Sibling

From Annoying Younger Brother To Perfect Flatmate – Here’s Why You Should Move In With Your Sibling. Evelyn discusses the perfect flatmate with Huffpost.

With brothers and sisters, it’s often complicated. They’re the only people in the world who can truly relate to the way you grew up and get how your childhood shaped who you are now. They’re often also the people who can get to your insecurities faster than Dina Asher-Smith can smash out a 100 metre sprint.

In the current market (the average age of a first time buyer in the UK is 31 years old and increases to 33 in London) a lot of us are thinking of different ways to live in the sort of place we want to. We’re settling down later, are more open about what our future looks like and accept that we might have to imagine a different set-up to the one our parents had at our age.

If you’re over house shares with seven other people and the inevitable passive-aggressive wars about who bought the last carton of milk - and straight-up can’t afford to live alone - then moving in with your sibling(s) might be a good shout - especially if you’re looking to buy. “First-time buyers are having to get creative and use new ways to get on to the property ladder,” explains Evelyn Cotter, founder and CEO of Seven Career Coaching, a millennial life and career coaching company.

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