What Is Career Paralysis and How To Overcome It

Faced with an endless choice of possibilities, many of us will flounder – which can result in making no choice at all. We might struggle to decide what to watch on Netflix or what to eat for dinner – neither of which are life-changing problems – but indecisiveness can become an issue when it affects your work.

If you’ve ever hated your job but felt stuck, anxiously going over the alternatives before disregarding them and staying put, you aren’t alone. Career paralysis, the inability to make any career decision for the fear of making the wrong one, is a common problem.

Not only is it frustrating, it can take its toll on confidence and wellbeing and leave us trapped on a career path we don’t want.

“Career paralysis is a common phenomenon in millennials but not only, whereby the person feels such an overwhelming volume of choice, that they are paralysed, thereby avoiding making any choice to move forward,” says Evelyn Cotter, founder of SEVEN Career coaching.

“It’s possible at any age, and happens when there is an overemphasis on needing to always ‘get it right’ and a dominant perspective of ‘failure is bad and means I’m bad’.”

We tend to think that more is better, but overchoice is a well-documented phenomenon. Essentially, we have trouble making a decision when faced with many options – and the problem is exacerbated when we throw in risk factors, too.

Quitting a job you don’t enjoy or switching careers is a daunting decision that has the potential to impact the rest of your life.

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