International Women's Day at SEVEN

To celebrate we asked the team at SEVEN HQ what International women's day means to them

'It's a time to really consider how far we have come, but be real on how far we have to go - talk is cheap and from what I experience and the women I speak to every day through SEVEN, there is a long way to go for the average woman in experiencing balance - the first IWD was in 1911 and when I watched 'Suffragette' a few years ago, I cried as it ended, because for all their incredibly selfless sacrifice, I feel they would be deeply saddened by how far behind we still are and how pervasive misogyny and sexism are in every day life in the west, not to mind globally. But, I also feel hopeful that many of us will raise our children with far less emphasis on traditional gender roles, than I was raised with, more freedom in what a 'girl' or a 'boy' can do or should do and it is going to improve in huge leaps within this next chapter of humanity.' Evelyn Cotter, SEVEN's Founder

'For me IWD is about equality for both women and men, and recognising our strengths and diversities that we each have to offer to the world. As I’m due to become a mum in July, it’s also made me want to be a role model for my child and being him/her into a world where men and women are treated with the same.' Jo Garside, Career and interview coach

‘Empower woman, empower the human community. The base on which the world stands is a women.’For me, International womens day is not only a reminder to reflect on and cherish my own feminine traits and to value them as strong and powerful. But also a day that creates a space for us to learn about, appreciate and support all the passionate people and projects who are fighting for women every day. There is still a lot of progress to be made but there are some inspiring people and projects happening around the world that really deserve to be celebrated. These projects are actively fighting for women to hold a greater space in the community, worldwide, which in my eyes is essential for a better, fairer world' Rebecca Jones

'To me International Women's Day is a celebration of female empowerment and how far we as women have come. Probably because I was raised in Lithuania where 8th of March used to be a bigger deal than in the UK, I really love to celebrate this day. My girlfriends and I always try to organise something special to celebrate our femininity.' Evelina Vilkaite, Career coach

'To me 8th of March is an international reminder to appreciate and celebrate femininity, its value in the society, it's attributes, it's strengths and a call for nurturing those and embracing them in our every day life!' Patrycja Skurzak, Career and life coach

'For me, IWD, is about acceptance, celebration, growth and power but not at the expense of equality on all sides, however you identify. For me being a woman is about leaving my mark on the world and trying to leave the world a little bit more in tact than how I found it.' Marcie Shaoul, Executive coach