Recently Graduated and Feeling Lost?

Anthea YOUTUBE from Seven Coaching on Vimeo.

Like many recent graduates, Anthea finished her studies feeling lost, with no clear direction and lacking in confidence.

She had a lot of unanswered questions. What did she want from her life? How did she want her career to look? What did she want from a work place? With the support of her coach Anthea identified her natural strengths and explored where they might lead her.

'After every session my confidence grew and I began to feel more sure about what I wanted to do.'

With a clear vision of her career and an action plan to make it happen Anthea and her coach prepared for every step of the interview process. She transformed from a self-confessed 'ball of nerves' to scoring a role as a graduate administrator for a global law firm!

Anthea is confident coaching is the best way to kick start your career.
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