Yahoo Finance: Why Companies Ghosting Interview Candidates Is Damaging To Firms

Evelyn talks with Yahoo Finance about the damage ghosting interview candidates can do to a company's reputation.

Ghosting is an unpleasant phenomenon in the dating world. Someone you are dating decides to fade away, ignoring your messages and calls, rather than have an honest conversation about why they no longer want to keep seeing you. The term ghosting can also be applied to the working world. Employers have been known to “ghost” potential recruits following an interview, instead of sending a polite email letting the person know they were unsuccessful.

Unfortunately, this unprofessional practice is pretty common. More than one-third of job seekers (36%) said the last company that rejected them did not respond at all, according to recent research by career data firm Clutch. When candidates did receive a response, only 13% got a personalised rejection email. More than three-quarters of people say not hearing back from an employer is more frustrating than not hearing back from someone after a first date, according to a survey by recruiting software company iCIMS.

“Ghosting interview candidates is incredibly damaging for companies from an employer branding perspective,” according to Evelyn Cotter, founder of SEVEN Career Coaching“Top talent have plenty of options and they're savvy and discerning, so if a company really wants to attract the best, they need to invest in values-led interviewing and see those interactions as as much of a branding exercise as anything else the company does,” Cotter said...  

Written by Lydia Smith
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