Shake up to Wake up? SEVEN's Alternative guide to surviving the Coronavirus.

Many of us have been jolted into this shocking new world recently where social distancing is a good thing, a random cough or a sneeze can cause people to dive for cover, our hands are like paper from over-washing and sanitising, and of all things, toilet roll is the most sought after item in empty supermarkets. But can this shake up of all we know as normal, be an opportunity for us to wake up? Is the coronavirus crisis the mother of all impetus to create something more meaningful for yourself?

Here's our guide on how you can use this time, not just to survive but to thrive.

We're hearing from many of you now, who in this new climate, find yourself questioning your career, scrutinising your why and the time you're investing into it. Maybe for the first time, admitting, that your work doesn't reflect who you are or have much meaning to you at all. Many of you are working from home by now, trying to manage a healthy work-life balance (more on how to survive that later) or are in between roles and wondering how the current events will have an effect on your job hunting efforts. We've compiled this guide to help you turn this strange time into an opportunity for you to reflect, plan and for some, move onto a whole new track.


First things first - some home truths - Life will return to normal, we're not sure how soon, but it will, companies will unfreeze their hiring and we will recover from this probably quicker than we think. Right now, we're all focused on flattening the coronavirus curve and there's nothing else on the news channels or on the front of the newspaper. 

We must first, GET CLEAR. To shift your racing thoughts into clarity and positivity, we suggest you take a step back, find some quiet space, get a notepad, take a few deep breaths, meditate, go for a walk or run or even have a cold shower and then start by asking yourself questions like:

  • 'Am I happy in my work?
  • Does my work reflect who I am?
  • What would meaningful work look like for me? What do I want more of, what do I want less of in my day-to-day work life?
  • What is my definition of success? i.e. not societal, cultural definitions of success, not my parents or friends', but my own individual definition of success?
  • How can I use this extra time to benefit myself and create something better in the long-term?
  • Can I choose to focus on what I want to create and develop a growth mindset, so that I see opportunities instead of problems?
  • Can I imagine doing something that makes me feel alive every day? Something I feel connected to and has meaning to me? If so, what could that look like? Do I know anyone who is living that and what can they teach me?
  • If not now, when? Is now the time to make that decision, to commit to creating something better?

    How amazing would it be if in 6 months time, if you were working in a new ideal role, on a new career path or working in the way that you are currently only dreaming about? How happy would your future self be if you used this time to start laying the foundations to get into position to do something you truly loved? I'm sure you wouldn't regret it.

Could having an expert coach by your side, not only to help you invest in your future by gaining clarity and creating a strategic action plan, but most importantly to support you along each step of the way and hold you accountable to ensure you follow through and make it happen? 


While you are re-evaluating and reprioritising your life, feel free to take some of our advice on how to remain positive and keep sane if you’re suddenly only taking a few short steps from your bed to your workspace and not having much human contact: 


Create 2 short (!) daily task lists for yourself:

  • Work: one list could include the most urgent matters that you need to take care of for your work or business. Limit yourself to a maximum of 3 priorities. What needs to be done today, make sure you do that day. This will help you stay focused and feel productive. A golden rule here is to identify which task will bring you the most results (you can research the 80/20 rule to learn more). 
  • Personal life: this list should include at least 3 activities that will create a memory, an experience with the people that you are close to. Play a board game, go through old photographs, or perhaps declutter your storage room together, put on a DIY show at home, play dress up?
  • Schedule some ‘me time’. It doesn’t matter if you live alone or you have 3 kids or you’re sharing a flat with 2 more people. Make sure you set at least 1 hour of your day that you will spend doing exactly what you want to be doing. A 60-minute coaching session perhaps? Reading a book? Cooking your favourite meal or watching your guilty pleasure TV shows. Just do whatever makes you feel recharged.
  • Visualise your future. Get into the habit of making an effort reviewing why your goals are important to you. What is it that you have your mind set on? Allocate some time to remind yourself why you are doing what you’re doing. Keeping the end result active and vivid in our mind is one tool that keeps us going to guarantee we achieve it. We recommend using Pinterest folders to have visuals of your goals, so you can focus on those daily.
  • GIVE - do one thing each day that lifts the spirits of those around you, online, in person, do something selfless that you know others will appreciate at this time. In our digital age, it is easier than ever to make an impact within our network and our communities. 


We hope that these tips will help you keep a positive mindset during a challenging time and if you feel that you are ready to make a shift in your life to have a career that makes you feel empowered and excited, reach out to us. We have 10 years of experience behind us helping people like you make that significant move in their careers. We are one of the leading coaching companies in London, and see many of our clients in our City based offices, we also work with clients all over the world making positive changes in their lives through online sessions. The choice is up to you.

Behind the scenes information for you about myself and what SEVEN is:

I personally just recently joined SEVEN as I truly resonated with the impact we can make in people’s lives and having previously experienced the transformational power that coaching can have, I made that into a mission to help people realise just how life-altering working with your own dedicated coach can be. I changed careers several times: went from banking into marketing in another country, from CEO to living in a jungle to realising that my real passion lies in educating people on how important it is to use life to grow and develop. Right now I’m on a mission to help authentic organisations reach their audience that I know for sure will make a positive impact in people’s lives. Coaching with SEVEN will do exactly that for you. I’m happy to endorse that and without any doubt I put my name right up there as being a member of this incredible team that can help you turn your life around for the better.  

Author:  Timi Orosz, SEVEN New Client Manager