Let Us Help You Land Your First Role

Fernanda YOUTUBE from Seven Coaching on Vimeo.

Fernanda was just about to graduate from university and was looking for her first job. She had been to a few interviews in which she’d felt extremely nervous, she knew she would benefit from some professional advice, so she reached out to SEVEN to help her land her first role!

Fernanda's coach understood her and what she needed assistance with. As well as developing her performance he also guided her to understand her qualities and the value she can add. She now feels far more confident. Fernanda claims that ‘coaching has enlightened her path’ and she has now identified exactly what she wants to do.

Fernanda landed her dream job in fashion wholesale.

Fernanda knows how overwhelming it is to be a recent graduate and to consider your first job. She recommends working with SEVEN to help you clarify your path and realise your potential.

Do you want to land your first job.
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