Why Giles Chose SEVEN

GILES YOUTUBE from Seven Coaching on Vimeo.

Giles was at a cross-roads in his life and needed someone to guide him into the next stage of his career. He wanted to take ownership of his narrative and found working with his coach in a professional environment beneficial to this process. Giles was encouraged to observe his career from a holistic angle which enabled him to examine his own thoughts and thinking processes. His coach was then on hand to help him work through his observations, giving him a better understanding of himself.

Giles appreciated the flexibility of SEVEN's methodology and the emphasis of the relationship between him and his coach being an ever-evolving journey, bringing whatever situation that arose into the sessions. Giles felt consistently supported as his coach was always on hand through email outside of the sessions.

‘Coaching can help you re-prioritise and focus, I felt I have achieved a really strong sense of clarity really quickly.’

Giles believes people are unaware of how beneficial coaching may be to them!

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