Coach Profile

Founder + Coach

Leading SEVEN since 2012 and coaching since 2009, Evelyn is a Coach and entrepreneur.

Since childhood, Evelyn felt passionate about helping people to see and reach their potential. Creating a positive and uplifting business that aligns with her values and passions and delivers powerful, tangible results with imagination and personality, is her mission with SEVEN.

Her focus is now building a fresh, contemporary coaching brand and approach with the help of leading Coaches. Her vision for SEVEN is to have the most authentic, dynamic coaching expert to fit each and every client need in the millennial age.



“I came to Seven knowing I wanted to make a big career change but not knowing where to start or how to do so. Coaching helped me understand why my current role didn't suit my personality, and how I could find a better fit. I just accepted a job in a totally different industry and am so thrilled. I cannot thank Seven enough.”

Flora Director, Incorporate Design


“I had the pleasure to work for several weeks with one of the professional coaches at SEVEN Career Coaching. It was great! From the face-to-face I had, I can say that my coach was very friendly and showed a genuine interest in helping me. You are treated like you should be treated: not a product or a target, but as a person asking for help and guidance related to his/her professional life. At SEVEN, they tailor each pre-established programme to their unique clients' needs, and having a personalized service was great. It provides you with insightful information about you that you've never had access to before and it clarifies who you are and who you can become as a professional. They also offer practical tactics and strategies to help you reach your goals - it is then up to you to put them into practice. I really give a big thumbs up to SEVEN!”

Antonio Journalist, Economic Journal