Coach Profile

Katrin Mantay

Executive Coach

Katrin is a professional Co-Active Coach & NLP Practitioner, with 12 years of experience in Executive Search. She has completed over 400 hours of 1-1 coaching, helping clients design an authentic and fulfilling career.

Katrin often taps on her studies of Psychology, Mindfulness, Yoga, Breathwork and Philosophy to help people connect with the wealth of their inner resources when going through a transition. She also creates and facilitates workshops to help people discover and follow their life’s work.

Katrin's passion is to help as many people as possible to wake up feeling excited to go to work.

Prior to coaching, Katrin had a highly successful career as an Investment Banking & Private Equity recruiter. During a 12+ year career, she has interviewed more than 5,000 job applicants, completed hundreds of successful searches for the investment industry, and guided many individuals – from young professionals to senior executives – to successful career changes.

Katrin is also a Speaker and a YouTube Vlogger, sharing ideas on living with Purpose & Inner Peace.


  • Career Change
  • Career Development
  • Career Support
  • Personal Development

Clients From

  • Mid-level to senior corporate professionals who need to re-think their next career step, get help with branding, strategic networking, interviewing, etc.
  • Successful mid-career professionals who are great at what they do but want to find something they’re truly passionate about
  • Senior-level professionals (Managing Directors, CEOs) who are looking for support to manage complex professional & personal lives.


  • CTI Coach Training (Co-Active Training Institute)
  • NLP New Code & Old Code Practitioner (the NLP Academy)
  • Life Purpose Coach (The Transformation Academy)
  • Workshop Design and Facilitation (Success Resources)


  • I’m a personal development junkie and enjoy learning something new every day. Mostly about how the mind works, what makes us happy and fulfilled, relationships, wellness, meditation. I enjoy some wild Ecstatic Dance events and can’t live without a good quality yoga studio nearby.



“Katrin helped me to realize my strengths for managing teams and projects, as well as high appetite for risk. It's been 10 months since we started working together. Since then I've quit my job, hired a team, and we are preparing to bring our product to the market soon!

It's been truly transformational working with Katrin! I would recommend her to people who are looking to create career changes that are outside of their comfort zone.”

Anthony London-based private equity investor-turned entrepreneur


“It's been my dream of many years to work for a private equity fund, and the timing felt right to make the transition. I chose to work with Katrin because I knew her as an experienced private equity recruiter. She helped me see that this kind of transition is possible, if I think creatively about positioning my value, and follow through her step-by-step job-hunting process. For my current role, I was in competition with experienced PE professionals, as well as investment bankers, and I was thrilled to be chosen for the role. ”

Will B. Management consultant-turned PE deal sourcing director


“Katrin's expertise in many business areas as well as her professional and friendly approach were some of the reasons I chose to work with her. What I enjoy the most is her thinking out of the box which can find a solution to the most challenging situations. Overall, Katrin’s coaching program was a fantastic investment in my development and has helped me a lot to shape my future career path.”

Maria I. Technology consultant