We’re very excited for you to experience the power of SEVEN!

We specialise in working with ambitious individuals who are serious about their professional and personal development, are high in emotional intelligence, self-aware and want to use their talents to have a positive impact on the world.

If you’re here, then that’s you!

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How to get the maximum benefit from your investment?

Simple, be coachable.


Being coachable means being open to asking for and receiving feedback, looking inward at how you can move forward, and being interested in growth. You don’t take things personally or as a criticism, instead you see it as an opportunity. Things you’ve tried before that haven’t worked, you recognise could work well now with the help and guidance of an experienced coaching expert and you are open to trying. You recognise that resistance to change is a normal part of the human condition but that you can get past it by taking responsibility and acknowledging that change can be uncomfortable, but is worth going through to create what you want.


Your Programme Resources

Welcome and congratulations on starting your journey. Below you can find links to essential resources you need to kick off your coaching with SEVEN. These include your contract and Welcome Questionnaire and your workbook. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries.


Below is a link to your Welcome Questionnaire. Please complete this before your first session, as this will provide the basis for your first discussion with your Coach to design your programme around your goals and priorities.

Complete Your Pre-Session Survey Here


Below is a link to your Programme Workbook. This includes The SEVEN Approach outlined for you to use as you progress through the programme. With session by session note paper by programme phase. Open and download your copy to get started.

Download your Programme Workbook


Jen is a coach who helps you reconnect with who you are and reignite your passions and enthusiasm, at work and in life. She will champion you and facilitate a shift from feeling stuck by inner fears, to a place of clarity, purpose and fierce courage. 

Read more here


Don't forget to book all three of your coaching sessions with your coach, Jen.


You may cancel or change your coaching session up to 48 hours prior to that session’s start time, to avoid losing a session.

Book here


When you successfully refer a friend, colleague, family member to receive career coaching from one of our coaches, we will gift you a free session*. Contact your Client Success Manager about our referral offer.

*up to 3 sessions


Join us in our digital space. Join our LinkedIn group,exclusively for SEVEN clients. This group is for others like you - who are making significant changes in their lives and careers.

Pick the themes you want to work on


Before your first coaching session, you must complete your questionnaire. This will help your coach prepare for your first session together. In the questionnaire, you will be able to pick the topics you want to work on with your coach.

You will have the option to choose either ONE overarching theme to be working on with your coach throughout the programme, OR pick three different topics and work on each of them separately, one session at a time.


Overarching theme

You can choose to work on a broad, high-level theme during your 3 coaching sessions.


For example: stepping into a leadership role; clarity on future career path; confidence

1 topic per session

You can choose to cover smaller topics per session with your coach.


For example: how to have difficult conversations; overcoming limiting beliefs; increasing your impact and influence


Stories of transformation


See how SEVEN Career Coaching has changed lives.


“The Roll-Royce of coaching. I was in a very stuck and clouded place before commencing my SEVEN journey. My coach helped me to unlock the block that was holding me back and suddenly with clear direction and palpable motivation there was no stopping me!”

Rachel Senior Paediatric Occupational Therapist


“If you are even thinking about it – just do it, it’s worth it! I would recommend SEVEN Career Coaching and career coaching to everyone.”

Orla Client Relationship Manager


“I would highly recommend SEVEN's services to anyone who needs help with their career path, whatever stage you're at. I will also definitely be using their services again in the future as I progress in my career. Thank you to my coach, and SEVEN.”

Alice Success Assistant


“Working with my SEVEN coach has been such a wonderful, eye-opening experience which has pushed me to think outside the box and make the necessary changes to develop and have the career that I want. I had an intuitive coach who understood my goals even when I could not articulate myself very well. This coaching programme has been such a transformational experience - I have learned a lot about myself. I now feel more empowered, more resilient, and braver.”

Lubna Talent Management Specialist