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The effects of CoronaVirus have shaken the aviation industry to it’s very core.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) sees airline revenue decimated by up to $113 billion before the end of this year and, to date, over 15.000 pilot jobs are threatened or already permanently lost.

Emergency Landing
Data presented by the International Civil Aviation Organisation highlights that flight crew are amongst the hardest hit by the hammer-blow that CoronaVirus dealt to the aviation industry.

Pilots too, many having paid tens of thousands for years of professional training, have been made redundant, with no minimum pay guaranteed and no job security whatsoever due to working in precarious “no fly, no pay” contracts. SEVEN wants to give aviation industry professionals a clear flight path out of career uncertainty and into a bright professional future.
Webinar Schedule

Real Life Stories: How to turn redundancy into a new career!

Thursday, 10 September, 1pm BST

Webinar guests share their real-life stories on how they took redundancy and turned it into opportunity.

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Developing Resilience: How to survive redundancy in one piece.

Thursday, 17 September, 1pm BST

In this webinar, we investigate ways to rebuild confidence and look at how you can develop resilience.

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Networking tools to explore alternative industries.

Thursday, 24 September, 1pm BST

After being employed in a specific industry for many years, finding a new career path within a different industry requires some exploration and using your networks.

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How to communicate industry changes in your CVs + Cover Letters.

Thursday, 1 October, 1pm BST

Sharing your professional experiences, your achievements, previous role and responsibilities in a clear way will allow you to stand out from the crowd and get that interview.

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Interview Skills: How to stand out + get hired.

Thursday, 8 October, 1pm BST

We are all about appearing confident and putting forward a calm exterior during interviews - and we want to help you nail the next one - whether it's online, or in person.

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Negotiation Skills: How to negotiate a new role.

Thursday, 15 October, 1pm BST

When it comes to getting your value, and what you are worth, learning how to negotiate to the best of your ability and expressing your professional value are key.

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Runway Ready
Our expert crew are here for those who have been left grounded by the worldwide loss of jobs in the aviation industry. The SEVEN team are avid travellers, and therefore we feel compelled to give back to all of the tireless pilots, flight crew, engineers and mechanics that have been hit hardest by recent world events. We are utilising our combined years in career coaching to offer an exclusive Aviation Webinar Series; aimed at tackling the issues currently faced and providing clear direction to those uncertain of their future in the aviation industry.

Annelise Pesa

Annelise specialises in career development, career transition, work life integration and developing resilience in the workplace. Drawing from her background as an international finance lawyer, and also from her athletic pursuits, Annelise helps emerging leaders to maximise their potential, reach authentic pursuits also by leveraging on strengths.

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Katrin Mantay

Katrin's passion is to help as many people as possible to wake up feeling excited to go to work. During a 12+ year career, she has guided many individuals to successful career changes. Katrin often taps on her studies of Psychology, Mindfulness, Yoga, Breathwork and Philosophy to help people connect with the wealth of their inner resources when going through a transition.

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Melanie Pritchard

Melanie believes that once you understand what drives you and what’s keeping you stuck, you can create an action plan which really works and change your life from the inside out. She has a particular interest in the high-stress culture of our increasingly ‘always on’ lives and the growing need for successful wellbeing strategies.

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