Repeated Rejection- Staying Confident and Motivated in your Job Search

SEVEN Career Coach Jennifer Scurfield spoke to METRO to share her tips on impostor syndrome and a job search strategy.


Acknowledge imposter syndrome

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Financial Times: The City Office Where Bankers Cope With Life After Redundancy

David* worked in investment banking for 33 years and was made redundant three years ago. Banking had defined his sense of self, provided him with friends, disposable income and monopolised his waking hours.

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C Space: Look a Little Differently to Attract & Recruit Brighter, Better Talent

Any recruitment challenge is a business challenge, make no bones about it. Talent are the life blood of growing companies and so often, how companies recruit is so easily overlooked. Great talent means great business, so investing in the process, is investing in the business. It seems obvious, but not in practise. More apt and costly for small to...

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